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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Soooo....Kinda like pulling up to a light in my race car, and having a kid in a honduh with a fart can exhaust pull up next to me. If I blow him away, it's like " what?"....but if I loose, I'm the laughing stock. LOL's different. It HAS to be! LOL

I see it as an insecurity thing for the men. I also see it as TERRIBLY unfair to the women involved. I have yet to find a straight or even a bi woman yet, who wouldn't like to experience a MFM threesome just once. However, most of the time, the best they can get (because of their hubby's insecurities with himself....I have my own, but sex or body parts isn't one of them. ) is a FMF. That is really sad for them.
I've had thresomes with Redpepper and PN. It was great to surround her in the men she loves. I think she truly appreciated the fact that in those times we were all melded and connected even though me and PN were not actually "connected"

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