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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
Unfortunately there is NOWHERE She can go ..which is why she is still living in the same house. Counting down till she will be gopne and She will be safe. This has gotten beyond a joke and Its killing us to be so far away. I feel so fucking helpless.
When there's nowhere else to go, there are always women's shelters. If your safety is at all compromised, I would recommend going to one for the week.

One thing for certain, you cannot trust this person or trust anything she tells you. Whether she is lying to you or your friend, she is clearly not telling the truth to somebody, which pretty much invalidates everything she says.

I would recommend cutting off contact as much as you reasonably can given the circumstances. If you must remain in contact, then just stick with the logistics of your situation- the arrangements of moving, what stuff goes where, etc. Don't get into any emotional stuff. Apologies, blaming, denying justifying or anything else having to do with what happened is now irrelevant. Your relationship with her is over. Any emotions you're still dealing with about that are yours to deal with, not to be shared with her, but with your other loves who will support you. And whatever happens between you and your parents has nothing to do with her anymore.

If she is emotionally abusive, she will most likely attempt to maintain control by keeping hold of your emotions. Your emotions are yours, not hers. Feel them, indulge them, deal with them in any space you can that has no attachment to her.

Good luck getting through the week!
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