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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

Mono, I think SJ said above that she hung out with her swinger friends as friends.... not just for sex. They would hang out regardless of sex. Maybe they were not swinging at BBQs with the kiddies, but they still said they were in the lifestyle. So,,,, just so you know, it isn't always focused on sex....

We were friends. Real ones. There for each other. We more often then not, got together for non-sexual activities. In fact, the one woman and I, loved each other. We were just young, and polyamory= polygamy to our ignorant mindset back then.

'Swinging' seemed like a more acceptable term.

'Closed swinging' is how we dubbed ourselves.

We were not at a point, where any of us felt comfortable talking about 'feelings'. That was bad ! bad ! bad !
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