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Why not pitch in to the talk.

I have similar issues-not identical, but similar.

I don't really care if people swing or not.

BUT-it REALLY bothers me when people who do swing try to "sell" it to me.

I was a player (not a swinger, a player).
I had open relationships.
I had fuck buddies.

I went through a time of thinking all men were scum out to use me, so I was going to get revenge for all of "womankind" and fuck over as many guys as possible.

I went through a stage of dating only a woman and thinking I'd never be with a man again.

I went through years of identifying (as noted in previous posts HERE) as bisexual because there is no way to deny that I was MADLY in love with a woman and remain madly in love with who she was when I knew her (I no longer know where she is or who she is).

But-who I am today-isn't naive about the concept of swinging. It's just that I know ME well enough now to know that I don't EVER, EVER want to participate in a sexual act with ANYONE ever again that isn't also an emotional involvement on a permanent basis.

It's not a matter of "we're a couple forever". It's a matter of WE ARE DEVOTED TO OUR RELATIONSHIP FOREVER in whatever format or dynamic it takes. Otherwise-I don't want to share my sexual energy, or whatever you call it with them.

I'm NOT saying all people who swing are pushy. I can say however that thus far in my life the people who I've known who swing-were determined to "win me over" and that makes me NUTS.

Not to mention leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.
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