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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
But see? Thats just it. I'm not bi, and neither is my wife's bf. But we regularly do MFM all the time. There isn't really anything sexual going on between him and I except for us both having sex with my wife. It works out well for us I guess. We would not deal with a bi male. Why? Because I'm not bi at all. Not a "homo-phobe", just not bi or even remotely homosexual. Something about the male anatomy just doesn't do it for me.
Oh, well in that case, I don't think your arrangement is uncommon at all. I've got one of those myself ... Of course, Indigo is looking for another female, but for now, we're MFM.

The distinction is, I believe, that the couples looking for a female, are interested in that female being with both of them.
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