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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
It's been my experience that bisexual males are much rarer than bisexual females.

So, you'd have to have not one, but two bisexual males to make a triad. If HBB (hot bi babe) is a unicorn, I'm afraid to venture a guess as to what HBD (hot bi dude) is!

I really don't think it's an insecurity thing on the part of men. If you're not bi, you're not bi ...
But see? Thats just it. I'm not bi, and neither is my wife's bf. But we regularly do MFM all the time. There isn't really anything sexual going on between him and I except for us both having sex with my wife. It works out well for us I guess. We would not deal with a bi male. Why? Because I'm not bi at all. Not a "homo-phobe", just not bi or even remotely homosexual. Something about the male anatomy just doesn't do it for me.
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