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Originally Posted by Sauce View Post
thanks for the advice. we have been on this site reading for almost a year, she found it for me. But no I would never leave her. I dont even know what to say. I' now thinking about when she asked me " What I'm not enough for you? You need another woman?" that was when i stopped talking about it.
I had to explain something similar to a friend of mine the other day, who was wondering why I would want to date someone other than my wife to begin with (my wife, Tonberry on the forums, is poly and introduced me to the concept, so there wasn't any drama on her part about my interest in J).
As I explained it, it's not about wanting another woman, because I didn't marry Tonberry just because "a woman", I married her because she's Tonberry and I love her. My interest in J isn't because I'm not satisfied with Tonberry and I want someone on the side, I've grown to care about J and would like our friendship to develop into something more. It's about the people involved, not about some vague fantasy to have more than one woman or to get more sex. I didn't think of dating until I got to know J, and if things don't work out with her (unfortunately somewhat likely) I won't think of dating again until I meet someone I feel like I could fall in love with once more.
That's my take on it, in any case.
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