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Originally Posted by Sauce View Post
Hello there, I'll get right to it. I'm in a relationship (mono) with a woman that i love deeply but I have always been a person who's... shall i say interest waver... I'm thinking that poly may work really well for me. But my Lady is not so much into it and I'm not one to force anything on anyone nor am I one to cheat. But knowing that she isn't into the poly lifestyle ( we've talked about it and she said half-assed that we could try it) I can't do it I just don't feel right if my lady is not on board but I also feel that poly may be who i am or a lifestyle that would make me happy. So my question is what to do? How do I go about things? thanks in advance for all of your advice
Short and sweet
- Ask her to educate herself on what poly is...reading here would help, xeromag is good too.

- figure out why you would want poly; sex with other people, relationships with other people, both?

- educate yourself on poly. If you're going to delve into it make sure you know it works both ways and what you get to experience so can she if she wants (and she may want once you open that door).

- both of you need to look at what the possible outcomes/impacts are. What if you really need this and she really doesn't want this? Are you prepared to seperate to meet people who match your criteria better?

- be honest with yourself.

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