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We also talked about things and I'm feeling much better about the vacation once again. I think we'll have a good time and it will be good for both of us. Also, as much as I'm going to miss Sean, I think that will be good too as sometimes I feel I need to miss people, and being over each other too much can become a problem... Especially online.
When living together you can be doing different things (one person reading, the other watching TV, for instance) and still be "together" (in the same room, talking every so often, etc), while online you tend to have to focus on the talking, so I feel you get overcrowded faster, in a way? Like, when you're together, you can't really decide to take a walk together or anything like that, you're stuck in front of the computer...

I'm not even sure what my point is anymore, but I feel it will be good to get out of town, and also to see Sean less, so that I get a chance to miss him, but also a chance to do things without him and tell him about them.
I guess sometimes I just feel like going away from some people so I can appreciate them more when I come back. That must sound silly, but it works for me.
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