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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I think it's a matter of detaching sex from feelings.
If sex is tied to feelings, it might seem weird for you to have one without the other..
Thanks for the feed back Tonberry,

It took me 37 years and counselling to discover that sex is inherintly tied to feelings for me personally. I wouldn't want to ever lose sight of that again. I'd rather walk away from everything in my life right now and stick to judging people than change that part of my self awareness.

I believe I need to work on accepting the self awareness of others rather than changing my own. If I could detach that connection for them, then I might be more comfortable with it. Acceptance, not conversion.

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I think casual sex isn't for me, but I don't think it's wrong. It's possible that you equate it too often with men abusing women, .
I think you are right here, I do see it as abusing women. I have this notion that it is about guys using women for barterring with other men. Part of this has to do with not feeling the women have control in these environments or that they are pressured into the scene. It's a sexist belief because that could be happening for the husbands as well.

Thank for giving me something to think about

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