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Busy AND awesome in Unicorn Land... I like that!

Actually, we had a windstorm that had our power out from sometime Friday til near midnight on Saturday. It was dark and crazy, and so Mr. Unicorn and I spent Friday night over at Married Phone Guy's house, watching Robin Williams and telling stories.

Saturday I met back up with MPG alone for breakfast. He's very different from my usual fare, but we had a very nice, quiet, happy time. Then back to Mr. Unicorn for an awesome 10 hour D&D session and lots of happy, snuggly, chatty cool down afterward, which was exactly what he and I needed to reconnect.

And then Sunday. I spent all day in Anchorage, stopping first at Griffin's house where I snuggled first with my friend Kiwi and then caught Griffin still asleep in bed. He smelled like a bonfire, and when he finally woke up (no doubt due to my chilly hands and feet) I got to catch up with him for an hour or so before heading out to spend the day with Zen. My time with him was surprising and awesome, and I hope we can find time to do it again soon.

Tomorrow is coffee with Lamnidae, and I'm really excited!
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