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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I see her as an accomplished swinger in terms of keeping emotions out of it, achieving a great body that she shares with strangers pretty much and is empowered by that, and keeps her love special for her husband (very mono), who she obviously adores and admires and is proud of in terms of his fucking achievements with others. Yay for her. I'm really quite impressed!

Her husband isn't mono at all if he swings....and she's proud of him for fucking other people? that didn't help....this simply doesn't compute in my anolog brain.

I just have to focus on other aspects of people's lives. Knowing people too deeply..i.e. thier bedroom activities is not something I should think about.
Unfortunately I am in a community that loves to talk about those very things.
I'll have to resort to the old fashioned fingers in ear "lalalalalalala"

Correction, there is different types of monogamy - Social monogamy refers to two persons/creatures who live together, have sex with each other, and cooperate in acquiring basic resources such as food, clothes, and money.
Genetic Monogamy refers more directly to sexual exclusivity.

I stand corrected

Playing the Game of Life with Monopoly rules.
Monogamy might just be in my genes

Poly Events All Over

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