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It sounds to me that she isn't big on poly, and you are as you have other partners that you enjoy having in your life; she could take or leave your arrangement in regards to sex not being a big deal, where as you don't want to; she has her hands full with kids etc., where as you don't and would like to have kids one day (your life paths might not be mergable). All stuff to be concerned about...

on the other hand, maybe you are better off just seeing where this all goes and hanging out enjoying her company in the mean time... if she is a mum, then chances are it will take longer to get to these bigger questions you have as no doubt she is more concerned and concentrating on kid issues... as well she should be. Take your time and see where it goes, all the while keeping your feelings expressed and goals in mind. At anytime change happens, embrace it and carry on, with or without her. That's what i would suggest.
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