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Originally Posted by Coralinthium View Post
*If you were already with someone, how did you approach them with the polyamory subject? If instead you were single but got into a poly, how did you get into said relationship?

*Which seems to work better: a poly where it's closed between a certain amount of people, or more of an open relationship that has ground rules set down? Or do they work about the same?

*Are there actually any "closed" polyamorous relationships where it's an MMF/MFM/etc. where the guys are bisexual? Or does it seem to work better with a guy and two females?

*How different is a poly from a mono relationship? How similar?

*Any tips/tricks/advice on how to keep one long lasting?

If my questions seem more like their leaning towards a "closed" relationship instead of an "open" one, it's just what I've felt I would be more comfortable with, but I'm not above learning about open relationships as well.......

Also, if this is in the wrong forum, please forgive me for that. Thanks for your time.
*most people come to it because they hear about it, open their relationship and find that "casual" just doesn't suit them, they fall for someone else and are blindsided and don't want to cheat so they tell their partners, have lots of people they date and call it poly, etc... there can be many reasons.

*I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to poly relationships. i don't think what you talk of is common, but I wouldn't rule it out. You can make your relationship dynamic whatever you want.

*you'd have to read the endless amounts for stuff on here about mono and poly relationships to see the differences. Healthy relationships are based on trust, respect, empathy, honest communication and love/care for another or others... that's the similarities i know of.

*practice the above mentioned ways of having a good relationship... that is my advice. Keep at it, it's a journey not a destination, and read the stickies and do some tag searches to find out more... I suggest looking at a post on here
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