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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Ok, so....How did you guys get over something that was holding everything back? For some odd reason, I get all kinds of kinked up when I think about L going on a date with D, while I'm at work. :/ I am so bothered by it, that I have made it a rule for them not to do it. They haven't, and have never pushed it or pressured me to allow it. But I get bothered by the meer thought of it. know that you and I have this in common, FOR SURE!! AND here I thought you were all good with it all....see, everyone is NORMAL!

I just read the 'Agreements' chapter in the Ethical Slut....and yes, I made the mistake of composing an email during BAD PMS, stating how I would like to see this 'agreement' piece play out! It was NOT received well...and to tell you the truth, I am not really sure why, but I digress.....

For me....things are JUST way easier when I know the plan. NO, I am not a big planner....but, it FEELS nice to be included in the decision making process I suppose. I think it may help for you as well.

Just a courtesy, 'heads up'. No big deal. "Hey hon, do you mind if I hang out with D on Thursday for a couple of hours?"

For me....that brings comfort....and of course I would say, "Sure baby...whatever makes you happy."

Just saying....
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