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Ok, so....How did you guys get over something that was holding everything back? For some odd reason, I get all kinds of kinked up when I think about L going on a date with D, while I'm at work. :/ I am so bothered by it, that I have made it a rule for them not to do it. They haven't, and have never pushed it or pressured me to allow it. But I get bothered by the meer thought of it.

I can tell it troubles L, and it saddens her, because if they COULD go out during that time, it would give them a bit more time together....But it just bothers me so much. I mean, something about them galavanting around the town or at the movies, while I'm slaving over some car at work, just makes me upset. I'm not worried about them having sex.....what the hell!!!

L asked me the other day why I don't trust her more. I DO trust her. but this bothers me so much for some odd reason.

Another thing....she has said she would enjoy spending time with her D alone, but I can't seem to wrap my head around THAT either. UGGH! How do I get over this so they can fully enjoy each other more? I want L to be happy...and D seems to make her happy. So why can't I get over this?

Things to think about and work on I guess. All a work in progress.

L, I know you will read this, and please don't think I am mad/upset/sad/jealous/or anything else "bad". I am trying to seek help with these weird feelings so that you cna enjoy D even more and maybe get some of that "spark" back that we spoke about earlier.
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