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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I have a question, too. It seems you might mean "closed" and "open" in a different way than what is commonly the case. Do you use "closed" for relationships where everyone is involved with everyone? For instance a triad would have 3 people all involved, and be drawn as a triangle, or "closed" shape, while a vee would be shaped like, well, a V, which is an "open" shape, is that what you mean?
Because commonly, "open/closed" means open/closed to new/more partners.
Ah, sorry about that. I should have been a bit more specific. Yes, I meant open/closed as open/closed to new/more partners. My mistake on that.

And thanks to everyone who's answered my questions so far. You've been great with helping me understand a bit more about polyamory, and thank you so much with that.
If we have enough love in our hearts for more than one friend and more than one family member, then why are we told that it's crazy to have enough love for more than one lover?
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