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Smile Greetings from two English ladies!

Firstly, hi!

We're two ladies from the UK who've been together for the better part of fifteen years. Gwen (or Jenni, my real name, but I like Gwen better) and Rhu (or Vicky, again same reason).

It's fair to say we've both been there, done that. We're soulmates who've grown up together, gone through Hell and back, and somehow still managed to beat whatever the world's thrown at us. We're both of us potty about cats, computing, art, plants and... damn, too much to list right here! We've both been talking about polyamorism for a while now, and this site looks to be a great place to meet people and learn more

A bit of our individual backgrounds...

I (Gwen) considered Rhu my closest friend right through school, through my first (hetero) relationship and right out the other side. When she finally confessed to loving me about three years ago, my heart found its song and has been singing ever since.

Rhu here I'm the quieter out the two of us (online at least!). I'm less comfortable with words than emotions. I like gaming (especially World of Warcraft), and work for an animal charity. Right now I'd love a big hug from everyone because I'm feeling poorly and am having to make Gwen do all the typing!
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