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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Would he happily, actively seek out another poly relationship knowing what he knows about them (if anything happened to RP of course)?
I'll answer this seeing as it pertains to me. Keep in mind I love Redpepper with a level of self awareness and trust that no one else in my life has shared. I fully believe that she is getting the best and most sustainable love I have to offer.

If something happened that ended the intimate aspect of my relationship with Redpepper, I would be left with a large body of diverse and accepting friends and lifelong family friends.

Would I seek out another relationship with a poly woman - no.
Would I allow myself to act on emotions for another poly woman - no.

The hard and sad truth of the matter...anyone who knows my past understands I have experienced affairs and know full well the damage they create for myself and for all the people involved. I can't imagine getting into that scenario again, but I could see that scenario happening before another poly relationship.

After all this time and experience it is still my love for Redpepper and the positive influence I see myself having in her family that sustains is not a heartfelt belief or confidence in the idea of poly.

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