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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Saying that out loud would bother me too. But sometimes we need to bring those things out in the open to address them. We can't do that by whispering in a corner...there needs to be a very large bright light shone into the dark corners if we're going to clean them out properly.
..I`m a big fan of this.

So much time is wasted when we fool ourselves with lesser knowledge, just because it`s easier. The trick is, finding a way to convey this, without scaring off those we love.

Personal input : Your wife is a fabulous person. Anyone can see that, by reading her posts.
I find your blog a refreshing change from the same ol, same ol.
It`s the REAL truth,..regular things we all struggle with as people in loving relationships.

Keep on writing, man.
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