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No worries, Mark. If I didn't really want to know what you (and everyone)thought, I wouldn't have asked. I need some outside perspectives and input to help me see these events clearly, and I sincerely appreciate the help.

I've never thought much one way or another about being #4, as long as I was the Fourth and Final, and I am the currently the Undisputed World Record Holder. As I've often stated (in a deep movie-announcer voice),"Many have tried. All have failed. Save ONE . . ."

And yeah, it's becoming increasingly clear to me that Hubby has issues, but then, who doesn't? I know if I don't slay the dragons that have sprung up in my heart and my head because of this, the dragons are going to eat me alive. And lemme tell ya, BrotherMan, I've been crazy and I've been sane; sane is less exciting but it beats crazy comin' and goin'.

Thanks again.

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