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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
(maybe I’ll just dub that the ‘monostream’....someone remind me to cross post that to the glossary thread).
I am grappling with reconciling myself and the monostream as well. I am doing a pretty good job at it, but now it comes down to coming out (as I mentioned in my blog) and dealing with other people's monostream.

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion
Why would it be ok for her to have intimate relationships with girls, but not guys? Why would a relationship with a guy be different? If I’m going to be allowed to date girls, why shouldn’t she be allowed to date guys? Only fair right?
I had this thought process too. When I opened up TP to girls for about 2 weeks and then went ahead and opened it up the rest of the way.

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion
If I’m going to embrace poly as a way of life, and part of my identity, then I can’t just say I’ll tolerate other guys nailing my wife...or it’s only fair so I can date other girls. It’s about loving others...opening up to the possibilities. So if my wife is bi and poly, then she should have the opportunity to find and experience that love, no matter what package it’s wrapped in. If it’s someone she loves a fraction as well as she’s loved me, what could I possibly have to say about that?
Dealing with mono versus poly, and not just opening it up and expecting physical encounters with no love was probably the biggest part of my hang up with poly. I suppose it comes down to the monostream of society again saying that love is a finite and one person for the rest of your life has been so ingrained in my psyche that it is hard to break.

Really really great posts, and it's consolatory that I was not the only one grappling with some of these rather specific problems. Mind you I think we just fulfilled the the purpose of this board by saying that.
Polyamory is wrong! It's Multiamory or Polyphilia. Mixing Greek and Latin roots? That's wrong.

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