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Hi Coral,

Lots of questions there

Some (or all) could be a book in themsleves. Read threads here (and search) as much as possible.

I'll offer my view (short ver) if it helps get you started.

Originally Posted by Coralinthium View Post
................... but I was wondering:

*If you were already with someone, how did you approach them with the polyamory subject? If instead you were single but got into a poly, how did you get into said relationship?
Originally Posted by Coralinthium;45926*
Which seems to work better: a poly where it's closed between a certain amount of people, or more of an open relationship that has ground rules set down? Or do they work about the same?
There's total variation in this - from totally closed to totally open. It depends on the individuals. And one of the primary determinants relate to self confidence and banishing jealousy from their person. Harder for some than others but a requirement.

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*Are there actually any "closed" polyamorous relationships where it's an MMF/MFM/etc. where the guys are bisexual? Or does it seem to work better with a guy and two females?
Absolutely there are - of all different configurations (MMF, FFM, quads, quints you name it !) In my experience it seems easier in the MFM situation, and yes even easier if the guys are bi. Men, for whatever reason (broad statement) seem to be able to park jealousy and weigh the benefits easier than women do. (there will probably be someone call me on this - but it's a general statement numbers would bear out)

Originally Posted by Coralinthium View Post
*How different is a poly from a mono relationship? How similar?
In a lot of ways NO different ! Except for the numbers. Good relationships of any kind require certain elements be present including honesty, trust, good communication, self confidence etc. No different with poly - unless you consider that you need MORE of them because of the numbers.

Originally Posted by Coralinthium View Post
*Any tips/tricks/advice on how to keep one long lasting?
Same as above. Sharpen your communication and people skills. Learning a little more about human psychology doesn't hurt either.

Feel free to toss out questions you come up with. Lots of great people hanging out here with experience and perspectives from a wide range of possibilities.

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