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I think you are going to find so little response from women that Mono's input is valid. Would he happily, actively seek out another poly relationship knowing what he knows about them (if anything happened to RP of course)? From my participation on the mono/poly forum there doesn't seem to be any difference between mono guys accepting poly and females. Maybe the issues are a little different but there seem just as many and they are just as intense, in some cases more so.

Your investigation seems very black and white whereas in reality the lines are very blurred. This is the best relationship I have ever had in my life, so I don't see myself as "settling". I have grown in ways I probably never would have otherwise. Maybe a poly relationship was what I needed while not necessarily being what I would have chosen knowing what I know now. Maybe it's like the vegetable that is really good for you but you'd still go for the dessert given the easy choice.

If a girlfriend asked me if she should explore a poly relationship I would say,"1. Educate yourself fully before opening your heart. 2. Get to know this person as well as you can before opening your heart.3. Examine yourself and what you want long term." On re-thinking I would probably put myself through steps 2 and 3 if the opportunity came up again. Does that get me closer to your line?
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