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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Saying that out loud would bother me too. But sometimes we need to bring those things out in the open to address them. We can't do that by whispering in a corner...there needs to be a very large bright light shone into the dark corners if we're going to clean them out properly.

In my wife's case, I really wouldn't say her viewpoint of boundaries is that one sided. And I'm not just saying this to smooth over the fact that she's a little annoyed at me about the last set of posts. .
I agree. Sometimes my 'opinion' comes out a bit too strong. I will ALWAYS try my very best - and succeed dammit - at not losing trust by disregarding boundaries set in place.

For me, I know that my hubby is very secure that I would NOT leave him for anybody, male or female! It's not as secure a feeling for me, even though I trust him immensely and logically know that he wouldn't. This whole situation has brought a piece of me to the forefront that I had NO IDEA was there. A bit of insecurity. AND while I grapple with that, I still see the longing in each of their eyes towards each other....and pine for some, I suppose. Ek. Again, with the out loud piece. Foreign feeling yet dispicable, all at once! Great! Self knowledge can suck some days!

I2, keep blogging....the doghouse door is opening!!
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. ~ Oscar Wilde
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