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I believe that we all go through cycles in our everyday lives. I had a situation a few years ago with My wife of 25 years and one of her plutonic girlfriends. There was definitely a super strong connection (what as I now know is NRE) between the two ladies, though nothing physical ever took place. This drove me nuts! they would talk on the phone for hours on end during the morning, then have lunch together, then more phone, then sports (both on the same team) then to the pub afterward. I worked most Saturdays so they were together all Saturday then Sunday was all day sports. Every party that they were invited to were ALWAYS "girls night out". At that time in my life, I owned a store front business that was floundering and finally fell apart. I was stressed to the max, and the girls close relationship almost pushed me over the edge. Flash forward to now. I work mostly for my self, out of my truck - no overhead. The economy has been tough on business, but I'm getting by. Wife and I are in a poly relationship with a single female, and now the more time that they spend together, the better I like it. It's sure as hell not perfect, we have a LOT of work to do with communication and learning how to "steer" this relationship with three drivers, lol! I don't consider myself a jealous person, however have said and done some things in my past that I mortified about. Just all about where you are in your own life. Just my 2 cents, I don't know the first thing about these damn things ('cept that we have an absurd amount of fun when we're not trying to kill each other)
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