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I think that's the link, I just get all the posts sent to my email and I find it an awkward forum to navigate. Not nearly as good as this. there's a poly side to it also but I haven't been there. There are a group of regular monos who have got to grips with their relationships and new members coming through venting and asking for advice. But it's about caring and support you can only give advice if asked for and no judgements or criticism. There are quite a few fragile women out there who need such a place and some very good advice is offered up. I've noticed at least one poly guy on here has a partner there who is very good.

For more robust characters like me I enjoy the freedom of this site and the interaction of both mono and poly. When I first came here I had Mono telling me to push through the pain and Morning Glory telling me to look for positives. I think they jump-started me out of my "poor me" syndrome much faster than the softly, softly approach I would have received over there.
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