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Default Hi from Illinois!

Hi! I'm Coralinthium, but please call me Cora. I've had only one poly relationship before (which was actually my first relationship ever), but since we were never able to see each other, it fell apart, and now I'm back to being single. While I've only had one poly relationship, I've been thinking about them since before that happened, and I've been interested in them since...uh...that time when I was doing that stuff and was in that one year in school. You know what I'm talking about, right? XD Anyway, I'm hoping to learn more about poly relationships on here, how to make them work, the best way to approach the issue with a partner, etc., and maybe make some new friends again. Thanks for taking the time to read this (undeniably lame, compared to others) intro, and may Eywa be with you!
If we have enough love in our hearts for more than one friend and more than one family member, then why are we told that it's crazy to have enough love for more than one lover?
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