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Just jumping in... I used to have a lot more piercings (cheeks, snake bites, angel, and eyebrow), but now just have my lobes (once, 14G) and one industrial in the left ear (also 14G).

As for tats... I have the Japanese kanji for forever/eternity (eien) under my left collar bone (I usually say "forever and ever" to my husband and he says "and ever and ever"), the snake zodiac (modeled after Nuregami in the video game Okami) on my right shoulder, and a kappa (Japanese mythology, a "water sprite," which has water in the bowl of its head and the kappa can die if the water spills out) picking up trash on my left calf (side of calf, not back).

The calf one isn't that faded, my flash just really shines on my pasty legs, LOL.
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