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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
Great question GS! I hope to see this thread develop. Very interesting possibilities of discovery if the thread takes on life! Here's to hope!

Sage you know I love ya and your posts ALWAYS intrigue me and make me think, can you develop this a wee bit more for me...Z feels enriched by other people in his life in an intimate way, whereas I feel drained. Well mostly drained. What causes the drain? If you get what you need from Z, and he gets what he needs from you/whomever, where does the drain come into play? Is it reflective of you feeling Z should have the same mono need to have only one person fulfill all needs? Or is there some indirect drain on you personally because you feel also a part of Z's other relationship/s?
As always curiosity gets to me.
I took that statement to mean that sage would feel drained by having more than one intimate relationship in her life, not that Z's poly relationships drain sage.

But maybe I'm wrong!
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