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Default Feelings growing stronger with every embrace

And no, I'm not talking about me and B...but between me and my wife. I never thought we could love each other more than we already did. But it has happened, and we could not be happier.

Why has it happened, when we both are in love with B? I think part of it has been that B has calmed my wife's fears in a lot of the past my wife feared that she was undeserving of love. For some time she felt that B's love was ungenuine, that she was only saying things to get closer to me. It took some time but my wife has seen real love from her. And now she knows better what real love is. It feels as if weights have been lifted from her shoulders. My love for her grows every day as I see her lovely smile, whether it be after talking to me or talking to B. She told me the other day "I feel deserving of love at last."

And I love her more than the earth. It seems as if for every bit that I love B, I love my wife twice as much more. Our love multiplies every day.
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