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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Can serial monogamy be a positive thing?
I don't see why not?

I think that this form of monogamy can have its pluses and minuses as well. You still spend time with one person at a time, learn their inner workings without distraction of another relationship, and then move on when you discover that either you are not as compatible as you should be to stay together, or things just didn't work out.

Then you try again.

This behaviour has given me the opportunity to learn what I want in my romantic (and platonic) relationships and to seek those traits in people. If something doesn't work with someone, and yet I or they want to remain mono, then we can break it off in search of what will work "better".

In the end, It is just another relationship style that WORKS for some people. The problem with any relationship comes when you are not being honest with your self or your partner. I don't understand why people shame serial monogamy as if it is a bad thing. It's just different!
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