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Originally Posted by CowleyRoad View Post
Why are people who are usually tolerant on sexual minorities so anti-poly? You have to realize on this board I'm talking about, if you aren't a supporter of gay marriage, you're all but a pariah, so it's not as if this is some hotbed of social conservatism...and yet the level of anti-polyamory is fairly high.
In a word, the answer is ... Oprah.

It's all Oprah's fault. If Oprah Winfrey had had several good programs meant to educate the public about what polyamory is and why it's just as okay as being gay, we'd be sitting in the shade sipping lemonade.

More seriously, I think the problem is that polyamory is misunderstood. It's misunderstood largely because it is so marginalized that it's little talked about by people who can represent us accurately and compassionately / sympathetically. It's little talked about because it's largely invisible; and it's largely invisible because too many of us poly folk prefer to live in the closet ... because coming out sucks, because we're so "alone", because we're invisible.

Wash, rince, repeat.
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