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Thanks, Tonberry. You really are an awesome support right now.

You're right that the chores feel more "for me" right now and it's hard to do anything for M because of JB...

I'm actually getting to text with M this morning. I guess JB is at work, so M has some time (as he hasn't gone back to work himself yet). He said things are going great with JB and I've been honest with how I feel, telling him I'm happy and sad both. He said he does mean it when he said he loves us, he just wants to be with JB more right now and is hoping it will last. I'm starting to think it would be easier if JB were into poly relationships and we just try to all share. :P I don't think he would be, though, and I don't think M would even attempt to ask... And I don't know if M would want that.

So complicated...

Adding something a little positive... Although off-topic of relationships... I have been passively looking for a job, so by the time Joshua returns I am not still unemployed, and there is an opening at one of the video game stores, so I put an application in.
Married to my wonderful husband (Laughingman) and we are currently trying to form a triad with our friend. New to poly!
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