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Yes, he is very brave, and I try to be supportive, but to be honest it's hard for me too.
It's a very weird feeling. It's a combination of feeling as though I was the one in Rag's situation and seeing someone I love suffer without being able to do anything to help him, short of just being there.

At the same time, it's comforting to still have all the rest. It's good to know Rag and I have each other. It helps knowing we have Sean, too. I think one thing about polyamory is that even if things don't work out with a partner, you might still have a whole family supporting you (if you already have other partners and metamours). It really helps, because you can feel so alone in times like that.

It's a very weird situation for me, of course it's much worse for Rag, but hopefully I can take some of it on my shoulders. I remember a saying about being a couple, that said when you're a couple, sharing bad things make them only half as bad, sharing the good things make them twice as good.

I guess with polyamory you can also divide pains and multiply joys by more than two.
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