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Default Mono females & poly lovers

This thread came about as a result of a conversation with a close friend & potential lover (female) the other day.

After reaching a point in our friendship that proposing 'more' seemed appropriate, I received the reaction that I more or less expected. i.e. "I'm a mono minded person but I totally respect your choices and no it will NOT change or affect our friendship".

And it dawned on me - remembering one of our frequent contributors here (Mono) - that it's entirely possible to be very happy being the 'mono' element of an otherwise poly relationship. To hold true to your own beliefs and needs while respecting & loving your lovers for their own personal choice.


Are there any other females participating here that are equiv ? Are you a mono female in a loving relationship with a poly person and very happy and content in your configuration ?

If so - how did you 'cross that line' ?
What reasoning did you discover that allowed you to see that your own wants and needs might be met regardless of a different set of needs in your partner ?

If an answer to this question emerged I think it could be great resource material for MANY poly folk struggling with the small pool of potential poly loves ?

Thanks for any feedback.

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