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Hey NTO,

I think if it were me I'd make a commitment to deal with your anxiety before anything.
Frequent anxiety is a disease (treatable) and it will cloud all your decisions - often making matters worse and mountains out of mole-hills.

In the mean time, get in touch with yourself and just have that conversation with yourself about......

"Ok - I'm anxious and therefore not viewing this situation (whatever it is) clearly and am liable to make a mistake here".

Then go take 20 deep breaths, embrace that conversation, and try to look again at the situation MINUS the emotional (anxiety) component. You'll be surprised how different it looks now - and what you may feel is a more appropriate action.

Overcoming anxiety reactions can take years of practice but it CAN be done. The rewards are well worth it and failure - especially to try (work hard at it) -will make your whole life a living, drama prone hell !

Get to it !@

Good luck.

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