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Default At love's brilliant glow

Has it really been a month since I told B that I loved her? Sometimes it seems it just happened and other times it seems I've loved her forever. My God so much has happened since I last updated. A few highlights :

My wife admitted almost out of the blue that she loved B. That she was scared about it but she did...but over the last two weeks her fear has subsided.

B and I haven't spent time completely alone...but we did spend a beautiful evening in a separate room in her house, kissing and holding each other until she felt comfortable enough to share her secrets. And then we quietly made love...or at least brought each other to orgasm, her in a way she had never been able to from fear and damage. She expressed her love again and again...

B thought a misunderstanding was going to upset my wife. I found her crying...I kissed her tears and calmed her. Together we talked it out with my wife. More tears were shed...and yet at the end of it all, each of us declared our love for the other two. B said she had never felt such love. Neither have we.

More to follow ... hard to type on this phone...
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