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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
Unless something goes seriously wrong emotionally between you two, I don't think she'd leave you for a man simply because he is a man.
Since i am the third wheel I don't worry too much about her leaving me for her husband...LOL! She and I get along extremely well and that does occaisionally cause some issues betwen her and her husband. He and I are friends and have talked quite a lot about our situation, but it is still hard for him sometmes and I can understand why, she's a really great person.

We even broke up briefly because he couldn't handle the situation any longer and she and I were absolutely miserable. But he had a change of heart and now we're all back together. He and I as friends and she and I as lovers (bf/gf).

I guess the point of my previous post was to say, don't worry about a man offering her something you can't (i.i a penis), just offer what you have emotionally and be there for her. If there's a love there meant to last, she will appreciate that much more.
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