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Vinccenzo that is so true, I mean I haven't experienced that myself but can see how many straight, mono guys not educated in LGBT or poly culture could have that attitude.

RedPepper I am sad to hear that you got burned with this. Likewise it's good for me to hear that other people don't always get this right, so maybe I don't have to be so freaked out about making a mistake. I really appreciate the honesty on this forum!

Tonberry, I'm having a mental image of your friend trying to hide you in the closet or under the rug, lol. You're totally right that a live-in partner is hard to hide, or hide from! And if someone is living alone or with roommates they're probably not married. Doesn't mean they're not cheating on someone, but it's less likely, just thinking in terms of probabilities.

The ending of the movie "Up In The Air" just popped into my head, and how the main character didn't know his lover was married until he showed up at her house, and saw her husband and kids. Of course stalking is not cool, but the idea that if you only see someone in airports and in hotels, maybe you should think they are hiding something. I can be pretty dense about this stuff but that was rather obvious. Although it's harder when it's your own life.... maybe I can think of my own life like a movie... and try to guess where the plot twists might be coming from... wow I am filled with new ideas, so glad I posted here, if anyone else has comments, please chime in!

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