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If you've already told him you're poly, then he knows. If you've already expressed interest in eachother, he knows. There isn't any reason you can't continue to be friends and talk honestly, but maybe don't proposition him to join the lifestyle. If you continue to discuss your polyness he may come about and say "what about me?" In the meantime, he has a gf he is happy with and to approach him with what could seem an offer of cheating on her (perhaps in her eyes) may seriously damage their relationship and your friendship. If they are truly happy and truly mono he may tell her, as he probably should in the interest of honesty, of your approach. And you may forever seem a threat to her. Even being poly I would be angered by a woman approaching my husband behind my back. It would definitely cause some harsh words, if not the death of their friendship because I can't trust her with him.
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