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I really appreciate everyone's responses. I spent a while last night talking to my secondary and the last couple days and today talking to my primary. School is just part time, one day a week and 1-2 Saturdays a weekend as I am going to be a massage therapist!

We won't have any debt when I finish school- my primary has an excellent job and he has been financially responsible for me, and the money I make doing other things just goes towards fun. The financial tightness is that we are just paying with scholarship money and cash so that we do not incur debt as none of us can agree if me working would work very well.

I think that after much more discussion with m secondary he agrees with your sentiments, that once I start trying things are going to change, and once I have a child that would change our relationship dynamic.

He does not live with us and I don't think that is something that is feasible in our relationship dynamics.

At this time we have decided to wait at LEAST until the middle of my second term of school to start trying- because I would graduate prior to being pregnant. I am not really concerned with getting a job so to speak. Massage is this wonderful amazing thing I feel like I am meant to be doing, but when the time comes it will have to work around my schedule and it would come second to my primary's career- it basically has to which I am okay with.

I guess I do get a little freaked out that I am almost 26 and have started on education and such later in life but I think for now waiting for a little while at least will be the best move.

Thank you so much everyone for your input, I really appreciate it
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