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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
Today I am grieving. We learned from P that possibly some other people who we thought were friends and had accepted that we were poly, have been judging us and saying rotten things about our lifestyle choices. ..................

Am I really such a bad judge of character?
Hey Lemon,

Yea, this is a tough realization.
Call me a cynic, but it was a realization I came to when I was pretty young. It seems there are a scattered few people in the world that you could be intimately connected enough to share you true inner self (and life). And there a good possibility that none of those people are in your immediate circle of social wanderings.

Is this comforting ? Hell NO. But it is what it is. Better, I feel, to acknowledge the reality and live accordingly than to hold up this utopian vision only to have it shattered.

I think this was a realization many of us grabbed on to a long time ago and resulted in what so many call splintered communities - where neighbors hardly talk to or know much about - neighbors. The close knit communities envisioned by the idealists came with their own negatives. That being, unless you lived a rigid, conformist lifestyle you were going to pay the penalty of ridicule and worse.
Better to be like smoke on the wind, drifting almost invisibly where you will and none to notice.........

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