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Earlier in the day my family went to celebrate my mum's birthday at a restaurant. My husband and I talk about Mono a lot and my Dad finally asked why he is around so much. My husband took the reigns on that one as I knew it would sound better coming from him. He talked about how Mono is a good fit to our family and how we all seem to get along well. When my Dad asked why we never talk about other friends the same way, he said that we have lots of other friends he knows nothing about, but we chose to spend our time mostly with Mono. He told him that Mono comes to our house when we are not there and helps us out sometimes by mowing the lawn and doing our dishes. That he uses our massage bed on his lunch hour as he works just down the street and that him and I go for walks after work and have coffee as our work days end at the same time. Because this all came from my husband and was obviously okay with him, my Dad didn't flinch. Everyone was listening in and it became normalized quickly.

At our supper time production Mono fit in like he has always been there. Everyone thinks he is great and no one acted as if he didn't belong...

One more step closer to a successful transition into the truth.

Next week we are all going camping again. We have done this before all together, but the more we all spend time together, the better off we are in telling them all.

It all feels so right and so comfortable... I am so happy with it all!
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