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Default Updating...

This seems like the easiest place to give an update... and believe me one is needed...

Turned out the woman I mentioned in my post on 7/4 was not really poly and just looking for a new husband so I broke things off with her.

Shortly after that I started messaging a woman, K, that I found on OKC. We had our first in-person meeting on 7/27. We have met up about a dozen times since then and last week made it official to call each other boyfriend/girlfriend (a big deal for her given her past relationships). And then yesterday Christie helped surprise me by having K come over to our house to visit for the first time. So things for me are looking up in terms of my own poly relationship. I am going to need to update my sig line on here

I had told Christie that I wanted to become comfortable with her dating other people on its own merit. I still have some issues to deal with, but am doing SO much better. I honestly don't think I could have made so much progress (at least so quickly) without the help of experiencing a secondary relationship myself. I am very grateful for Christie putting her relationships on hold while I (and the two of us together) worked things out. I feel like we are in a much better space now regardless of how my relationship with K pans out.

I have not posted much lately. But I do pop on from time to time to read various threads. Thanks for all your support!

Mono husband to poly wife (married in 1997; poly since 2010); my name is not really David or Jason
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