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I was talking to J over IM earlier today, she's been feeling sick so I've been doing what I can to take care of her. I remindered her that just because she doesn't have family living in town doesn't mean she doesn't have people that care about her, and she accepted it without comment, but did say she'd call if she needed anything.

I feel like I was setting myself up for a "just friends" comment and one never came, and I'm happy about that.

Tomorrow I'm going to put together a care package for her that I'll take to work, some homemade broth, homemade applesauce and some teas, along with a hand-knitted rabbit Tonberry made for her in her favorite colour (she was commenting all month that she wants to get a rabbit for her apartment, so I know she likes them).

I'm... also toying with the idea of commenting that Tonberry will miss Sean while we're away on vacation. Coming out to some coworkers isn't something I want to walk into lightly, but tomorrow I'll be working with the two people I really feel like I can trust at work (there has been some workplace drama, and in it I really learned who keeps their mouth shut). I'll be sleeping on it, but Tonberry has already told me that it's my decision when and to whom I'll come out at work regarding polyamoury.
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