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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
She will not be stealing him away from her. So it doesn't have to lead to the end of their relationship. As long as people are making fully informed decisions, I don't see a need for it to end a relationship.

If the guy is interested in poly, it may be better for his relatonship with his gf to find out now rather than later.
What she may be doing is injecting something that may sever this guy's girlfriend's ability to connect with him. This is not active "stealing" but could prematurely end what they have without them fully getting a chance to see where their relationship could have went.

Putting her own wants above his girlfriend's is a selfish act IMO. If poly is all about loving people than I don't see how this could be considered an act of polyamory in all good faith. It sounds like more of a capitalistic approach to seeking relationships in that "as long as my needs are met" then life is good.

If he is poly and interested in her, he will risk the relationship and put that question forward. It is not up to her to push the issue IMO. Be patient and see where their relationship is heading is my advice.
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