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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
For the first time in our marriage - there are things he won't tell me, and I'm sad about that.

I had a shower with him - and as I got out I turned and said something.. and he stopped the conversation - because of something he was asked not to share with me. It made me sad that he has to watch what he says with me now

I understand the need, the right of other people to their privacy. I get it.

We've always had a 'don't ask me to keep a secret from my spouse' relationship. And that's changed. And it makes me sad

The balance is hard - how do you balance out one person's right to privacy with an established communication pattern?
Now, very interesting...something-as a person who has always been mono-would never have thought of.
Yes, I can see both sides of this issue....interesting...
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