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Yes, "If you love someone, set them free." I told Joshua that and he said, "No, you should beat them, drag them back, and chain them in the basement." He was kidding, of course! Thanks, Tonberry, you are a very pleasant person to talk to!

Joshua suggested we try dating in the meantime... I don't feel ready for anything serious, but I guess building connections doesn't hurt, right? I joined OKCupid and have been slowly adding to my profile and trying to include a lot about Joshua as well. I really can't imagine "replacing" M, but I'm trying to not think of it like that and just try to meet new people, even as friends.

I have had a little bit of texting contact with M lately, which is good. I guess for him to keep in touch at all right now, during the most exciting time of the move, is something to be appreciated.
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