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Ok, today was experiment time. I have recently been taking a new multi vitamin. I have not been regular about taking them though. This morning, I remembered that I had taken one about an hour before going to Target. So this morning, I decided not to take one today and see how I feel. Well, here it is 5:15 pm and I still feel fine. So I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow and see what happens. I think....I may have found the issue. It's SO frustrating. I don't WANT to have feelings of jealosy. In fact, I think that what hurts the most, is that my wife is hurting. She has started building a relationship with her D, and now she is thinking twice about it because of me. She was so happy just three days ago. And on Monday night, she called him. When she did, it was like a high school girl talking to a crush for the first or second time. It was so nice to watch. And now, she won't even answer texts from him.

She is hurting too, and I think it's all my fault. uggh! How do I FIX this?????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????
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